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Happiness at the End of the Loading Page: Unveiling the Quirky World of Online Quizzes and the Pursuit of Joy

This whole thing started when I was trying to figure out how to be more happy. I started to think, am I happy enough? What makes me happy? What is happiness? And on and on and on.

So while I often explore what makes us more happy, and roadblocks to happiness in general, something to think about is if we are happy at all.

How do we know if we are happy? How does anyone know?

Well for all the people willing with the time and a really good Ad Blocker, you’re just one online quiz away form knowing the answer. So for this blog post, let’s talk about the online quizzes and the answers they hold.

There are a thousand happiness quizzes out there! Even Oprah has one! You can take it here!

Now it would be really easy to sit here and talk shit about online quizzes and the people who take them (me). But can we really make a blanket statement about every single person who’s ever taken an online quiz? I mean can we all seriously say that we haven’t from time to time wanted to double check where we stood on the spectrum of happiness, coolness, kindness, or maybe we just wanted to see which Jonas Brother we are. The way I see it you should get points just for asking questions.

It turns out, for once, the science is on my side. In fact there is a whole a theory of learning on our side. It’s called the Theory of Inquiry Based Learning. John Dewey basically hypothesized that education of any kind begins with inquiry based learning.

What does this mean?

It means that the only way to truly learn anything is to ask a question and be curious about the answer.

So the truth is, it doesn’t really matter what the quiz says. Maybe the quiz says you’re happy, sad or anything in between. Who’s gonna judge you? The girl who’s writing a whole blog about happiness? The point is you’re asking questions.

And who knows? Maybe you’ll stumble on some answers? Or maybe you’ll just spend 20 minutes off of TikTok? Either way, let’s stop allowing people to make us feel like there is a right way to figure out to feel.

So in the spirit of online quizzes, here is

The official Happiness-ish Quiz to Knowing if you are Happy! Enjoy!

  1. Can you remember the last meal you really loved?

  2. Can you close your eyes and think of the last time you laughed with you closest friends?

  3. Remember that pretty sunrise you saw that day? Yea that was it; that was the question.

Ready for your results? Drum roll pleaseeeee…. You’re Kevin Jonas!




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