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I am happy-ish? 

Before we get to the good stuff there are a few things we need to cover, so let’s get started. My name is Sanjana.I moved to New York City about a year ago after graduating for UT Austin (Hook ‘em!!), and have spent that time, as most of us do in our 20s, trying to nail down a career, staying fit, having a passable social life, and even dipping my toes into the dating pool – all while making it look effortless on instagram and getting 8 hours of sleep! 

Picture this: your typical 23-year-old, fueled by caffeine, managing a sprinkle of stress, sometimes daydreaming of a cozy nap, and perpetually chasing the next big adventure. I live a great life, surrounded by great people and new experiences at every turn. And yet, I can't say that I am completely happy with my life. I often catch myself opening yet another random Amazon package with dizzy excitement, and wonder: 'is this really the first time I've felt happy today?' Don't get me wrong, the perfect package waiting for you at your doorstep can really turn your whole day around, but there has got me a more sustainable way to be feel happy right? Yep, I've named my current state ‘Happy-ish.

But who really wants to only be Happy-ish? But is that really the best we can hope for? Happy-ish? I decided it was high time to crack the code to a genuinely happier life.

The premise of my great plan seemed easy enough! All I had to do was identify the aspects of my life that were dividing the happy me from the 'happy-ish' me, and fix the problem areas. Right? Not quite. 

The hiccup with this whole "happier me" plan is that I'm not entirely sure what it means to truly live a happier life. We all know those moments of pure happiness – like when your dog's wagging its tail, when you and your friends can't stop laughing at that random joke that no one else can seem to make sense of, or landing that dream job in that dream city. But what really stumps me is how to stretch that happy feeling into a way of life. The media and Instagram feeds bombard us with images of perfect coffee mugs, meticulously matched furniture, and bird workouts as the holy grail of happiness. But since a 5am jog through the freezing cold seems like my own personal version of hell, I've concluded that there just has to be a better way. 

But even if I did live the perfect aesthetic life and leave the house everyday looking like the camera crew from Sex in the City was following me around,  what still intrigues me is the grander picture. What's the real deal with being happier? How do you even go about defining a life that's "happy enough"? Sadly, there's no universal user manual or a foolproof happiness recipe. So, I've taken it upon myself to dive into this rabbit hole and figure things out.

But please don’t be an alarmed reader! Though I am sure that this is a question that can be grappled with for lifetimes.being a proud member of Generation Z, patience isn't exactly my strong suit (in addition to doing laundry, texting back in a timely manner, and the aforementioned early morning cardio. But thankfully this blog is not about becoming a better person, just a happier one). I've slapped a one-year deadline on myself to wrap my head around what happiness means for me and how I can snag it. My game plan? Testing out different strategies, breaking down various definitions of happiness, sitting down with the brightest minds that will talk to me, and jotting it all down right here on this blog.


If you're curious, follow along as I navigate the chaos of adulting and chase happiness through the streets of the greatest city on the planet. Now, I can't guarantee I'll stumble upon all the answers, or find any at all, but I hope, at the very least, you and I will feel a little less lonely and maybe even a little less confused about how we are expected to feel day-in and day-out.

Welcome to Happiness-ish. The all-encompassing guide to having no idea how to feel at any given moment.

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